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Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day – The Seminar from Shelton Associates

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We will help you develop a practical Marketing Plan for your own business.

Limited Discounted Spaces:
Leeds - 16th February 2018 - £25 plus VAT (usually £250 plus VAT)

Derby - 23rd February 2018 - £25 plus VAT (usually £250 plus VAT)

Chesterfield - 29th March 2018 - £25 plus VAT (usually £250 plus VAT)

Use the calendar below to book your discounted place in a city near you:

Here is just some of what will be covered in the Seminar:

Learn Powerful Marketing Tools and Techniques and The 7 Stages of Developing your Marketing Plan

How to Review your current Marketing Activity – Is it working! -Can you tellketing Plan

How to Set Firm, Quantifiable Objectives for your business-Everything you do from now on is to achieve this objectives

How to Agree which segments of the market to target and why this is so important

How to develop Marketing Strategy to achieve the objectives you have set

How to develop and Action Plan ensure that your plan is implemented

Learn the 3 vital factors in designing your website to generate Leads, Enquire and Sales

Learn the essentials skills of getting your website to the front page of Google

Learn the importance of Video in Digital Marketing Campaigns

The importance of yoru CRM system to drive forward your Marketing Campaign

How Social Media can raise Brand awareness and Crucially generate sales

Email Marketing-key factors in generating sales for your business

"This is one of the best courses I have attended since starting my own business and would highly recommend it to other business owners." 

Joanne Jenkinson, Humber Energy

"Wonderfully valuable and interesting."

Mekyla Osbourne, ABtech LTD

"Thanks, a fantastic session. Massive thanks goes to Andrew."

Hadiur Rahman, SRSR Ventures Ltd

"First-Class session, pitched at the right level for me"

Mr Mark Tattersall, Chivers Walsh Family Law

"Superb course. Really makes you think how to structure your marketing more thoroughly. Essential."

Richard Baker, Fruntage Ltd T/asThe Executives

"Great day one of the only seminars that I have not watched the clock! Fantastic, thank you."


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